Submission Goals

It is the hope that this archive will grow to include the papers (published and unpublished), books, manuscripts, evidence, raw data, photographs, and anything else of scientific interest to the whole of the human race. The archives is a project with the scope and vision of Asimovand utilizing the amazing power ans storage capacity of modern computer information tools. In the future the archives will adapt and chang as this technology improves. One day, it is hoped, any person in the world will be able to access to accumulated knowledge and research of scientist, both past and present, to use in their own quest for knowledge and truth,

Anyone -- professional, gifted amateur, interested party, bored dilletante, or average joe citizen -- has the express right to add to the accumulated knowledge and research data of the world. If they are interested in allowing open access to this data, research, conclusions, hypotheses, theories, ponderings, etc. we are offering them the opportunity to submit their work to the Archives of Cultural Exchange and begin a dialog with researchers and other persons around the world.

Submission Expectations

Everyone who submits their work to the Archives of Cultural Exchange needs to understand that this data and research archive is not propietary and data used from this archive will always be freely available to anyone willing to spend the time looking for it. We are not collecting data to help private enterprise further the locking of information behinds the secure doors of trademark and copyright laws. All data, publications, photos, and figures are open for use in academic and popular publications as long as ACE is credited along with the original gatherer or contributor of the data.

All potential contributors will sign a form stating that they understand and agree with this idea. For a complete list of the Terms and Conditions of contributing and using this Archive, please visit the Submissions Terms and Conditions page. For manuscript and submission guidelines please refer to the Submission Requirements page.

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