Terms and Conditions of Submission

The Archives of Cultural Exchanges (hereinafter referred to as ACE or the Archives) reserves the right to deny any article or manuscript submitted to the website, either online or through the mail. The following terms and conditions apply to all accepted manuscripts

  1. The Copyright for all Manuscripts, Photographs, and Graphics are retained by the author. The Archives of Cultural Exchanges reserves the right of first printing and any subsequent reprints in new editions or compilations.
  2. The Archives of Cultural Exchanges assumes no liability for copyright infringements committed by authors of accepted submissions. We will, with due diligence, attempt to ensure that all data, photos, and articles published by the Archives is owned by the author or that the author has procured permission for use of the materials.
  3. The Archives does not guarantee that any accepted manuscript will be published either online or in print within 6 months. If the article or manuscript has not been published within 1 year of acceptance the right of first printing is forfeit. The Archives may still seek permission of the Author to print the article after that time.
  4. The Archives will not return manuscripts to the author unless there is a compelling reason to have an article edited for length or clarity. The Archives reserves the right to work with any author to improve a submission for future publication. In this instance, the Archive will receive credit in the Acknowledgements of the paper.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Executive Director.

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