Requirements for Submitting Work

Anyone is welcome to submit articles and raw data to the Archives. We are not going to be pedantic and assume that only people with the proper letters after their names can contribute to the furthering of knowledge. However, that being said, we are going to maintain a high standard of scholarship for any and all accepted submissions for the Newsletter, Journal, or online publications.

All manuscripts will include the following:

  1. Cover Letter explaining the credentials, formal or informal, of the author(s)
  2. 300 word maximum Abstract
  3. 3 to 5 keywords
  4. 250 word Author Biography (for publication with the article or data)
  5. Completed and fully Referenced Article
  6. A copy or access to any raw data referred to in the article
  7. Word Count of the Main Article (without Citations and Bibliography)
  8. Letter from at least one qualified independent reviewer indicating the veracity of the data.
  9. Letters of Permission to Use for any photograph or table not created or taken by the author(s) of the article.

Letter Guidelines

All manuscripts will be formatted as follows:

If you have any questions about special characters, style, or submission requirements please feel free to contact our Executive Director or our Research Editor

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