Archives of Cultural Exchange

The Archives of Cultural Exchanges is a 501(c)3 non-profit Educational Organization founded by Professor Emeritus Carl L. Johannessen as a way of preserving the unpublished records and manuscripts of retired professors and other researchers. It is his contention that a lot of research data is lost, especially in leading edge research, because the pioneers are speaking too far ahead of their time. It was and is his hope that making this data openly available will stimulate exploration across disciplines and types of science, furthering human understanding.

Professor Johannessen, along with a small team of dedicated staff and researchers, hopes to open up research to the everyman. This is something more akin to the idea of the Renaissance Man as envisioned by Leonardo da Vinci and other researchers of the Renaissance and Age of Reason, in the days before specialization and sub-specialization removed the impetus for cross-discipline collaboration. It is our sincere hope that this project reminds scientists and researchers of this valuable area of and tool for research.


Carl L. Johannessen, Professor Emeritus, Biogeographer

Research Projects

Pre-1492 Transoceanic Contact Between Hemispheres

Efficacy of Vitamin C Usage for Health and Wellness

Lecture Series


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