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Welcome to the Homepage of the Archives of Cultural Exchange. ACE is a clearinghouse for researchers, retired professors and anyone else who has felt the need or call to look into some area of human intellectual endeavour. Primarily ACE is a web and physical location where retired professors and others can give their published and unpublished papers, manuscripts, books, and any raw data to ensure that their ideas and conclusions are available to others. Using links, electronic media, scanning technology, and a physical archive, ACE will make sure that this infomation and research is openly available to current researchers and scholars, along with any serious amatuer researchers. Our service will include a mmbers-only forum so interested parties can discuss and debate current ideas in their area of research or n any field they find interesteing. If you woulf lke to submit an article to the ACE forums, please visit our Submission pages. to read the terms and conditions of submitting and the requiremets and format.

What is Cultural Exchange? Cultural Exchange is the process of retiring and emeritus professors handing off their research and ideas to the next generation of researchers. Further, Cultural Exchange encourages researchers from across the world to interact, discuss, debate, and collaborate in an environment free from cutlural biases. Cultural Exchange is the process of opening the minds of researchers around the world to the achievements and contributions of researchers from other cultures and ways of life.

The Archives of Cultural Exchange is an online community of scholars who are interested in sharing and discussing new ideas and propositions, many not yet accepted by mainstream researchers. ACE hopes to give a voice and forum for researchers, boyth academic and other, who are working in new and exciting fields of research. ACE also maintains a physical archive of all th research material bequeathed, donated, or given to them by older researchers. This archive will be available to members of the ACE forum and others who are interested in looking at the physical documents. As far as is possible, ACE will scan all research data and papers or maunscripts so scholars and researchers have access to the data through the various topics accessible on the ACE website. If papers or manuscripts have been previously put on the wb in a secure and permanent location, ACE will create an openb link to the published material rather than repeating the process on this site.

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